Ringing in the New Year at Dixon Lake 

Hello, glampers... welcome to 2018! 

No doubt about it, 2017 certainly was a doozy and some of us were happy to see it go. And there's nothing better than celebrating the new year with a bit of nature therapy. With its convenient location, stunning view, and excellent recreation activities, Dixon Lake was an easy choice for Glamp-Ed's New Year celebration!

Camping in the sky at Laguna el Prado

Southern California has been my home for nearly twenty-six years now. During that time, I have discovered countless hidden gems in the form of campgrounds, hiking trails, scenic spots, and more. However, after my recent trip to Mt. Laguna, I'm shocked that I was never aware of such a stunning area -- and so close to home!

During my search for new and (continued) 

a weekend and a monster story at lilac oaks

For my birthday in December, I received a brand new, very cool tent. I had been thinking about upgrading for a while and had my eye on the Cabela's 10x10 Outback Tent Lodge. There's nothing wrong with my old tents, and I will probably continue to use them on lighter, less glampy trips, but I was looking for something a little larger and more comfortable. 

The box had been sitting in my (continued)

Airstream on the ranch

I'm a huge fan of staycations. As much as I love exploring new places and trying out new sites, there's nothing like the comfort of camping out in your own backyard. Unfortunately, finding new campsites is difficult in my area; North County San Diego doesn't offer a huge selection of quality camping and glamping. 

So... I turned to Airbnb for inspiration. Nestled among your run-of-the-mill beach houses and condo rooms, I came across this (continued)