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The Clean Camper: Top 10 Glamping Hygiene Essentials

One of the most challenging parts of glamping (or camping, for that matter) is staying clean. It’s one of the most common reasons some people refuse to camp: the greasy hair, the unbearable body odor, the (continued)


A Beginner's Guide to Glamping Kitchen Setup

Cushy pillows, flower vases, oriental lamps and chande-liers, WiFi... let’s be real, girl. These aren’t for your survival, they’re for your enjoyment and comfort. And when properly glamping, your cooking and dining experience should (continued)

The Bug-Out Bag: The Best Survival Kit List

Recently, I shared my own personal camping checklist with an optional glamping upgrade. These are all of the items the average camper should bring with them on a trip. However, every camper (continued)


The best road-trip hacks: everything you need and nothing you don't

Road-trips, road-trips, road-trips! Have you noticed that this is my most recent infatuation? I am so excited for summer -- not for the weather, because I actually love chilly, rainy (continued)

Ghoulish Glamping: Campsite Decorating Ideas

If you plan to be camping during the Halloween season this year (which, let’s be honest, spans the entire month of October), you certainly don’t want to be the only undecorated site at your (continued)


Stay chilly, my friends: a Glamper's Guide to the best Coolers

There’s no point in going glamping without delectable food and drinks to enjoy during your stay. And the key to fresh dinner ingredients and chilly bottles is… you guessed it, a good cooler. So what are the key (continued)

DIY Camping Hacks: Glamp with Household Items

My recent camping checklist is a great guide for the beginning camper or glamper. If you're just getting started with camping, it's important to have a fool-proof list of essential camping gear. If money (continued)

Plan your road-trip like a boss: Road-tripping Preparation

After long last... it's finally almost here: summer! The first official day of summer is actually June 21st, but for those of us in SoCal, it has felt like summer for a while now. Besides (continued)

Gourmet Glamping: A Guide to the Best Camping Cuisine

Food may be fuel for survival, but a real glamping chef goes above and beyond. Cooking without a two-door fridge and conventional oven doesn’t mean you’ll be left roasting beans in a can (and speaking from (continued)


The only camping/glamping checklist you'll ever need

The title says it all. This is my own personal, comprehensive list of everything you will need to camp successfully. The first part of this post is a simple checklist of essential camping items for anyone spending time (continued)

7 Glamp-Worthy camping cocktails

Picture your next camping trip: secluded woods or a scenic desert, wildlife hustling and bustling all around, maybe a babbling brook; and you're reclining in your hammock or camp chair, just soaking it all in. The sun is just going down (continued)

The best of amazon: Camping and Glamping Accessories under $20

Don't get me wrong, I love walking around REI so I can climb inside the tents, sit in the chairs, try on the camping gear.... But I'm also a lazy shopper, which (continued)