The Most Stunning Winter Camping Spots in the US

Camping is all fun and games until winter rolls around and suddenly there is snow on the ground, everything is cold, and all of your favorite camping spots are closed for the season. And when you do manage to find a beautiful campground that is open for winter, you really have to debate -- is it worth all the effort to go camping in horribly cold weather, and perhaps even snow... or should you just stay home with a hot cup of cocoa and a fresh log in the fireplace?

That's what I love about glamping. In harsh conditions where the average camper's tiny tent and thin sleeping bag would amount to a miserable experience, glampers come fully prepared with blankets, pillows, hand warmers, and all sorts of cozy, cold-weather things! And when you're warm and comfortable, the beauty of a winter campground is difficult to beat. So pack up your trailers, SUVs, and truck beds... these are the most amazing winter camping locations in the US!


Mt. Hood National Forest, Oregon

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